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2nd Users’ Workshop in Parma

The second user group workshop will take place in Parma next June 16th. At this workshop, the Project will be presented to citizens, associations, entities and all the interested parties. The vision of mobility and political authorities and citizens will be heard. There will be a free debate between the different sectors that will lead to a better understanding of the needs and demands of key stakeholders, and that will be very useful to the development process and for the planification of the pilot deployment. The workshop will be held in the "Centro Congressi Paganini" (Via Toscana, 5A - Parco Falcone-Borsellino) in Parma. It will last from 9:00 to 16:00. The entrance is free.
The city of Parma will host the 2nd User Workshop

The city of Parma will host the 2nd User Workshop

Find below the invitation for this event. You can confirm your attendance to
  • s.ombellini@infomobility.pr.it
  • e.capone@infomobility.pr.it
  • tel (+39) 0521-1680256-7
Invitation workshop Parma

Invitation workshop Parma

Join us in Parma!


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