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Parma Pilot

SIMON Mobile running in Parma

For the pilot phase Parma will deploy new ICT blue badges to all the disabled citizens. The new badge is ready and includes the necessary technology (NFC tag and QR code) to be fully compatible with the SIMON applications. Parma has started testing the Simon App with disabled users, relatives, etc. Until today they have tested about 20 people to see how the app is working. Each person filled in a questionnaire  in order to check the experience on using the apps and services. Prior to the massive distribution of badges, Infomobility has reinforced the dissemination campaign in press and media to encourage users to be part of the SIMON pilot.
Press new about SIMON Project in Parma

Press new about SIMON Project in Parma


SIMON Mobile on Google Play

Simon Mobile on GooglePlay

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SIMON Mobile on the App Store

Simon Mobile available on the App Store

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