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SIMON Mobile available on the App Store!

We are happy to announce that the SIMON Mobile is now freely available on the App Store! iOS users are now able to download, install and use SIMON Mobile on their Iphones and Ipads.


Simon Mobile is an application for navigation, orientation and parking designed for persons with reduced mobility. In Madrid, Parma, Lisbon and Reading, it provides access to important accessibility information such as the location of disabled parking spots or the location of elevators and ramps to access subway stations. With Simon Mobile, it is possible to compute walking, driving and transit routes and use step-by-step navigation during a trip.
SIMON Mobile screenshot for Iphone

SIMON Mobile screenshot for Iphone

Simon Mobile integrates with a new concept of the EU parking card for the disabled (commonly known as Blue Badge) that is currently being tested in a large-scale pilot running at several European cities. The goal of this ICT-enhnaced badge is to reduce the fraudulent use of disabled parking spots to ensure that they are available to the persons that really need them. Combined with a Simon disabled badge, disabled citizens can use Simon Mobile to validate for parking and to view the usage history of their badge.   The application is currently available for Android version at the Google Play Store, and now also for iOS at the app store. It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian at the following links: Users of Madrid, Lisbon, Parma and Reading can also request, via this website, to participate in the pilot tests with the new blue badge to test the validation functions. Help us with the evaluation of Simon Mobile, let us know what you think!


SIMON Mobile on Google Play

Simon Mobile on GooglePlay

Download Simon Mobile on GooglePlay

SIMON Mobile on the App Store

Simon Mobile available on the App Store

Download Simon Mobile on the App Store