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Madrid pilot

Workshop in Madrid: Smart cities, mobility and inclusion

Last June 14th it took place in Madrid a seminar, organized by the Madrid City Council, about mobility and inclusion within the framework of smart cities. The applications and services proposed by the SIMON project were presented to show how to ease mobility and parking to disabled and elderly people. About a hundred attendants, including public authorities, mobility managers and associations from Spain, participated at this event in which several proposals, initiatives and studies were presented. The opening was carried out by representatives of the Madrid City Council, ETRA and the Madrid Transport Consortium: Inés Sabanés, Delegate of Environment and Mobility in Madrid City Council expressed the willingness of Madrid to build a city that is more inclusive and better, more open to citizens and their needs. José Antonio Fernandez, CEO in GRUPO ETRA  highlighted the technological developments that can make feasible to achieve a smart city designed for mobility impaired users. Juan Ignacio Merino de Mesa, Managing Director in CRTM, talked about accessibility plans in the public transport in Madrid. During the first part, Eva Muñoz from ETRA presented the applications and services developed at the SIMON project, and showed how they can easy mobility and parking for disabled and elderly users. Francisco Javier Font, from FAMMA-COCEMFE Madrid, explained the main difficulties for disabled people regarding accessibility, mobility and transport, and how ICT initiatives (like SIMON) can contribute to remove these obstacles. Pedro J. Marrón, from Locoslab, showed the technological background existing at the SIMON applications and how they can evolve and be adapted to different cities and environments. The last intervention was from Antonio Marques, from ETRA. He explained how the technology and the inclusion are pushing towards a change at the paradigm in urban mobility. The second part was devoted to show experiences and studies related to urban mobility and accessibility, from the ICT perspective. Francisco J. López Carmona, from the Madrid City Council, explained how Madrid has planned the deployment of the SIMON services and applications, and how to participate at the Madrid pilot. The new Madrid accompanying blue badge was also presented. He remarked the economical and social impact of fraud and, therefore, the importance of the initiatives to avoid the misuse of blue badges. José Antonio Cascales from CRTM, showed data about mobility and accessibility from different studies, showing the importance of an inclusive transport, designed not for disabled but for everyone. Mª Soledad Frías Martín, from the Madrid City Council explained the perspective of the elderly people and their problems and perceptions regarding mobility. Finally, Pedro Gouvella, from the Lisbon City Council, explained the SIMON pilot in Lisbon and also different technological initiatives to enhance the accessibility in Lisbon. Antonio Ortín, General Manager of ETRA I+D, closed this very interesting workshop.  


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