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New features at SIMON Mobile app

SIMON Mobile app is continuosly improving with new features and services addressed to enhance the mobility and accessibility in urban areas. All the SIMON Mobile users can update the new versions of the Simon Mobile app both for Android (at Google Play) and iOS (at Apple iTunes). The last  update includes improvements at the map visualization and use. The new version replaces the cross-platform map implementation with one that is specific to Android. As a consequence, the new map can provide accessibility for markers via Android’s APIs. In addition, we can directly handle touch events which we have used to implement additional gestures and we can use hardware-accelerated rendering which saves battery power and looks nicer. Moreover, we are able to rotate the map either based on gestures or based on the readings from the magnetometer or gps. Last but not least, the new implementation should require less resources and should be much more responsive. You can see these improvements at the video included at our Youtube channel: This last update is now available for Android and soon will be implemented also in iOS.    


SIMON Mobile on Google Play

Simon Mobile on GooglePlay

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