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SIMON Features

New features of the SIMON Mobile app

New improvements have been added to the last version of the SIMON Mobile app. This last update improves specially the indoor navigation. Some of the improvements include:
  • The visualization of the route lines is now using routed line caps which makes the route look nice.
  • The visualization includes icons for important actions such as taking stairs, elevators, etc. If applicable, the icons indicate whether you have to go up or down.
  • The icons and the associated instructions are also accessible via the screen reader.
  • When searching for a place, the map will now try to guess a suitable zoom level (e.g. if you search for a country, the map will be zoomed out, if you search for a parking, it will be zoomed in).
  • When starting the navigation without having GPS, the map will zoom in/out and center itself such that the complete route is visible.
  • The data model has been extended and routing algorithm has been updated.
  • The text is now generated on the server with a templating engine and a spatial reasoner.
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