Challenge and objectives

Challenge and objectives

The challenge

Accessibility is a broad concept that addresses the removal and prevention of barriers that cause problems for persons with disabilities when using products, services and public infrastructure. Successful actions can enable those persons with disabilities to live more equally alongside those without disabilities. The accessibility challenges facing society today are most visible in urban areas. The solutions for improving accessibility are most in evidence in those forward-thinking cities that are demonstrating commitment and innovation in changing the urban environment to allow all people to fully enjoy city life. People with reduced mobility is often described as a single homogeneous group, however it is a heterogeneous group of people that differ in age and life styles, physical and mental characteristics, or travel patterns and transport needs. Thus, even if the accessibility barrier may be the same, the response to overcome such barrier should attend the specifics needs of each end-user. SIMON – relying on its extensive user group - first identify the requirements of each targeted type of citizen with reduced mobility in order to improve their mobility capabilities through public and private transport modes.

SIMON challenges

  1. Providing a mobile application and web platform as an open communication channel with citizens, including specific navigation features supporting mobility disable people.
  2. Providing authorities with the capability to promote inclusion policies –e.g. coordinated advantageous transport tariffs - whilst fighting against fraud –e.g. univocal identification of user and disable parking badge.
  3. Providing specific IT solutions for specific targeted end-users. Mobile applications for navigation, e-id, etc…; smart cards for e-id; or combination of both when required. Always with a focus on usability and user-friendliness.
  4. Providing new mobility schemas supporting the access of elderly and disable people to the same opportunities as the rest of citizens.

SIMON Objectives

  • Enhance older and impaired user experience through ICT services that are specifically instantiated in each of the four pilot sites.
  • Integration/interoperability of SIMON with multiple transport operators and public bodies: in this way, SIMON services are able to roam and operate across different transport modes and can be transferable to other European cities.
  • Integration/interoperability of SIMON with other associated ITS infrastructure: this enables a smooth, seamless experience for the traveller. Furthermore, this helps to complement and boost public transport, introducing the use of private vehicles as key element on the personal mobility of disabled people.
  • Promote accessibility by means of incentives: incentives schemas including information services, reduced fares, and exclusive access to special areas - e.g. the city centre- can be devised and deployed in SIMON pilots in order to foster a higher quality of life for citizens.
  • Protect accessibility by means of penalties: abusing the system is a problem affecting in the long-term to the sustainability of fair inclusion policies. SIMON fights against fraud, especially in the misuse of the European parking card for disabled people.
  • Support and contribution to standards, use of open architecture: SIMON follows the relevant ITS, 3GPP, NFC, ISO standards and will report its results into national and international standardization bodies.
  • Execution of four large scale pilots in Madrid, Lisbon, Parma and Reading. The pilots are designed to form a scalable base for long term deployment.
  • Use of several types of transport modes: SIMON services are not limited to specific types of transport modes; in fact they are demonstrated on private and public transport solutions.
  • Reduce total cost of operation: it is expected that the penalties introduced by the pilots and the operational advantages offered by SIMON to transport operators and authorities will reduce considerably the costs of operations and incentives.


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