Public deliverables

Table of SIMON public deliverables. If you need a deliverable not available in the list, please contact us.
Number Title
D1.1 Project Handbook
D2.1 Use case specification document
D2.2 Preliminary set of requirements
D2.3 Requirements specification
D3.1 Reference Architecture and principles
D3.2  Information Model and Interoperability
D3.3 ICT Services specification
D4.2 Refinement of services and lessons learnt
D5.1 Deployment and Adaptation Plan
D5.2 Small Scale Piloting
D5.3 Adapted existing ICT infrastructure
D6.1 Large Scale Demonstration
D7.1 Evaluation Plan
D7.2 Evaluation of users, results and conclusions
D8.1 SIMON Business Strategy
D8.2 Guidelines for SIMON Deployment and Roadmap for the long-term SIMON deployment
D8.3 Specifications for an IT EU parking card
D9.1 Dissemination Strategy
D9.2 Project leaflet and you can also see the most updated SIMON Brochures
D9.3 Project website
D9.4.1 First Project newsletter
D9.4.2 Second Project newsletter
D9.4.3 Third Project newsletter
D9.4.4 Fourth Project newsletter
D9.4.5 Fifth Project Newsletter
D9.4.6 Sixth Project Newsletter
D9.5.1 Press release 1
D9.5.2 Press release 2
D9.6 Pilot sites launch events
D9.7 Pilot Sites National Take-up Seminars
D9.8 Exploitation Strategy


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