SIMON for Europe

SIMON for Europe

The challenge:

EU brochureIn the European Union (EU), a disabled parking permit allows partial or total exemption from charges or penalties associated with the parking of a motor vehicle used by a badge-holder, and shows entitlement to use of dedicated parking bays and off-street parking (where they are provided). The concession extends in some places to partial or total exemption from tolls or general prohibitions on where a vehicle can be driven. Since 2000, all general disabled parking permits in the EU have been standardised to a common style and blue colour, leading to the officially-used designation “Blue Badge”.

Nevertheless, the different national (or even local) regulations make difficult the effective and satisfactory use of the EU badge. The lack of a common technological approach makes also difficult to fight against fraud situations.

EU Parking Badge

The solution:

SIMON will cover the accessibility and mobility needs of elderly and people with disabilities in the urban transport environment, with the ultimate aim at improving their independent living and societal participation. With the support of ICT solutions, SIMON will specifically contribute to improve the access to public disabled parking spaces and certain restricted areas of a city, and support their travelling experience by providing them with specific information about spaces and places accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Targeting several of the European key challenges, the accomplishment of SIMON will lead to a number of benefits contributing to the policies, targets and guidelines established by the European Union as well as to National policies of the participating Member States, while creating synergies with the different proposed initiatives and policies.


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