SIMON for Mobility impaired citizens

SIMON for Mobility impaired citizens

The challenge:

Transportation, mobility and accessibility are extremely important matters for those with disabilities. Some common problems present in urban areas are related to issues like:
  • Lack of information and resources on the mobility possibilities, both for public transport (routes, accessible means, travel planning, real-time information) and for private transport (location and availability of parking spaces, access to restricted areas, etc.).
  • Limited availability of reserved parking spaces and the unauthorized usage of such spaces.
  • Fraudulent use of the EU Parking Badge (counterfeit, lost or stolen badge, use the badge when the holder is not present...). Fraud and misuse situations are very important concerns that affect to the disabled card. Fraudulent use of Blue Badges prevents people in genuine need from accessing on-street parking where they need it most.

The solution:

Individuals will be able to plan their trips using seamlessly public and private transport modes. A multimodal navigation offer can be used to get real-time information about public transport and parking areas. Once on the move, users can be informed about any incident affecting its chosen trip. A common European Parking Badge for mobility impaired people is used as access right token to specific parking lots.   SIMON Mobile is the mobile app to be used both for information and navigation and also for identification and validation.


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Simon Mobile on GooglePlay

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