SIMON for municipalities and mobility operators

SIMON for municipalities and mobility operators

The challenge:

  • Adapt the existing infrastructures and available information at cities to offer updated and useful information and services for the mobility impaired users.
  • Fight against fraud: the lack of technology resources makes very difficult to detect fraud and misuse situations.

Parking issue Awareness campaign in Lisbon

The solution:

Public authorities can manage the use of the public space for parking purposes, and get real-time information on the use of the public parking areas, reducing in this way the fraud and enabling the establishment of policies promoting the sustainable use of all modes of transports. Public Transport Operators and Parking Facilities Managers can enhance their payment and access right gateways in order to support the adoption of a common EU disable badge. Furthermore, the open data hubs supporting the use of multimodal navigation tools will be populated with information to enhance the mobility experience of impaired users. SIMON Authority Operator Tool is the web-based application that allows the Public Authority the management of authorized parking badge holders as well as to obtain statistics and reports of the use drivers do of reserved parking places. Authority Operator Tool screen  


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