SIMON for Parking Controllers

SIMON for Parking Controllers

The challenge:

Parking controllers and law-enforcement units in charge of mobility management must monitor the public parking spaces, verify that cars are properly parked and process the information to the users and the fines if irregular situations are found. Nevertheless, in many occasions, it is very difficult to identify fraud or misuse situations regarding the Disabled Badge:
  • Some falsifications are very well done and access to the original car is not possible.
  • Misuse situations (for example, a badge not used by the owner) are not possible to detect if the user is not present.
Additionally, in a lot of cities, there is a lack of ICT resources to verify parking and process fines.
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These situations make difficult and less efficient the daily work of the parking controllers.  

The solution:

SIMON proposes technology and applications to facilitate the processing of fines and the efficient monitoring of the public parking spaces. The detection process, through the use of smart cards, helps parking controllers identifying fraudulent badges. The new enhanced parking badges provide an easy mechanism for parking controllers to validate the card. Moreover, since the validation can be made against on-line databases, the smartcard can be used in combination with other security tokens –e.g. the license plate of a vehicle. Thus, by providing a parking controller with an RFID reader with communications capabilities it is possible to consult the SIMON Backoffice to validate the badge against a number of white and black list or cross-check it against secondary tokens and license plate, model of vehicle, car frame, etc.
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SIMON CONTROLS is the mobile application to monitor and check the parking situations and thus enabling the fraud-fighting. This application works in smart phones with NFC technology, RFID readers or simpler QRcode camera based readers.


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