Pilot sites

Pilot sites

SIMON is a demonstration oriented project, with four large scale pilots in Madrid, LisbonParma  and Reading.  
                          SIMON will be piloted with an estimated number of users of: 30.000, replacing 6.000 existing EU parking cards. The pilots will be run with 4.000 reserved parking spaces and 200.000 public parking spaces. The pilot testing will take place in two phases:
  1. In the first phase some ICT services and applications will be tested at each test site under strongly controlled conditions. These tests will act as a proof of concept and validation trials. As a result of these primary tests, the services will be adapted or refined if necessary.
  2. In the second phase, the already tested and adapted SIMON services will be piloted in the three sites converting the tests in large scale demonstrators at each site.
SIMON will be piloted in Madrid, Lisbon, Parma and Reading with the following users that already hold a EU badge:
  • MADRID: 20.000 potential users, 6.822 reserved parking spaces, 150.050 public parking.
    • Madrid Pilot will be the most complete and complex of the four sites. This is not only because of the scale of the city, but also because of the availability of an state of the art Reserve Parking System (RPS), which allows the large experiment of all the innovations and strategies proposed by the project.
  • LISBON: 8.000 potential users, 554 reserved parking spaces, 43.000 public parking spaces.
    • Lisbon Pilot will be oriented to the demonstration of large scale deployment of NFC tags to adapt the EU parking card for disable and signpost the reserved parking spots. The large scale demonstration will rely in the use of NFC stickers, and two minor experiments will be also performed with NFC readers to introduce more robust mechanism to fight fraud.
  • PARMA: 3.140 potential users, 1.400 reserved parking spaces, 5.850 public parking spaces.
    • Parma pilot site will act as a source of already available transferable solutions. The RFID-EU badges already in use in the city will be a first example to follow by the other two sites. Particularly relevant due to the already existing large deployment at the city will be the piloting of SIMON OPENS and SIMON BOOKS. Parma city centre is completely monitored, and access is controlled by means of an urban tolling system. Thus, it will be possible to largely demonstrate the functionalities instantiated by SIMON OPENS. In the same way, the city counts with an on-line parking booking system that will be complemented to tag the non.-occupied reserved parking spaces for impaired users.
    • Reading has a strong multimodal strategy with a supportive environment for new sustainable measures. Reading aims at integrate SIMON system focusing the enhancement of the navigation information services which closely relate to its policies on open data, providing new services for the disabled people and the monitoring of reserved parking places –free or occupied parking bays- as well as supporting a fraud-free use of EU disabled badges.


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