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1.     Contact forms related to the SIMON Project

Several contact forms are available on the SIMON web page http://simon-project.eu in order to provide the mechanism for a person interested in participating in SIMON pilot activities as well as to get informed about any aspect related to the SIMON project. While filling any of the forms, your personal data will be collected and further processed for the purposes detailed below under point 2. As these forms collect and personal data are further processed, Directive 95/46/EC, of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, is applicable.

2.     What personal information do we collect, for what purpose and through which technical means?

2.1.  Website forms

There are three different types of forms that a user can find and fill in the Website: the Contact Form, the Subscribe to newsletter Form and the Pilot Participation Forms. Following, the description of which data are collected and the purpose of processing personal data are provided. Contact Form: The personal data collected and further processed are:
  • Name (First, Last);
  • e-mail
The purpose of processing personal data for this project by mean of this form is:
  • to use these details to reply to requests for information and to provide additional information about the SIMON project activities to any interested parties, stakeholders or users.
Subscribe to newsletter” Form: The personal data collected and further processed are:
  • Name
  • Company/Institution
  • Country
  • e-mail
The purpose of processing personal data for this project by mean of this form is:
  • to add the subscriber to the contact list of those who may receive email messages containing information concerning the SIMON Project: newsletters, events, activities and everything related to the pilot demonstrations, in order to keep interested . The user can cancel subscriptions to the newsletters and press distribution list at any time.
Pilot participation forms: The personal data collected and further processed are:
  1. Madrid: Name, Surname, e-mail, telephone number
  2. Lisbon: name (First, Last), e-mail
  3. Parma: name (First, Last), e-mail
  4. Reading: name (First, Last), e-mail
This information is required using the language of the pilot site. The previous data are compulsory for the user in order to process the data. All other information supplied through these forms is on a voluntary basis. The purpose of processing personal data for this project by mean of this form is:
  • to include the user in a group of volunteers to participate in the pilot site activities, which will be contacted by the pilot site leader.

2.2.  Web analysis

Analytics of the SIMON Website enable to monitor and analyze web traffic for evaluation purposes. Google Analytics (Google Inc.) is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use of the SIMON website, to prepare reports on statistics of access and share them with other Google services. Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place of processing: US – See Google Privacy Policy (https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/)

3.     Legal basis

SIMON is demonstration funded project under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). The legal basis for EU policy on research and technological development (RTD) is provided by Articles 179 to 189 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). The main instrument of the Union’s RTD policy is the multiannual Framework Programme, which sets objectives, priorities and the financial package of support for a period of several years. The RTD Framework Programmes are adopted by the European Parliament and the Council, acting in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedures and after consulting the European Economic and Social Committee. In line with Directive 95/46/EC the processing operation is necessary for the performance of tasks carried out in the public interest on the basis of the Treaties or other legal instruments adopted on the basis thereof. The lawfulness of the processing of personal data is also based on Directive 95/46/EC whereby the data subject has unambiguously given its consent. By filing a form to contact the SIMON Consortium, the applicant will be considered to have given his or her consent to the processing of their data in the context of the SIMON Project. Local or national regulations that apply in this context of data protection are:
  • Madrid (Spain): Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal.
  • Lisbon (Portugal): Lei n.° 67/98 de 26 de Outubro - Dados pessoais
  • Parma (Italy): decreto legislativo 30 giugno 2003 n. 196 ed in vigore dal 1 gennaio 2004
  • Reading (UK): Data Protection Act of 1998

4.     Who has access to your information and to whom is it disclosed?

The consortium plenary, as the supervisory body for the execution of the SIMON project, is the ultimate decision-making body of the SIMON Consortium. In compliance with Directive 95/46/EC, the SIMON consortium plenary is designated as data controller for the SIMON Project. Regarding the responsibility and processing of the forms received through the website, several possibilities are described in the Consortium internal procedures. Personal data collected by online forms for general purposes (Contact form and Newsletters subscription form) will be kept and managed by ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo, S.A. Personal data collected by online forms related to pilot activities will be kept and managed by the pilot site leaders (Madrid City Council for the pilot in Madrid, EMEL - Empresa Pública Municipal de Mobilidade e Estacionamento de Lisboa for the pilot in Lisbon, Infomobility SpA for the pilot in Parma and Reading Borough Council for the pilot in Reading). All use of your personal data is confined to the purposes stated in Section 2 and Section 3, and is only undertaken to the extent necessary for these purposes. We do not compile personal profiles of users. Only the SIMON Consortium will have access to your personal data and will treat it according to the internal procedures as defined in the document “Privacy and Data protection framework”. Personal data will not be transferred to government bodies or public authorities except in order to comply with mandatory national legislation or if the transfer of such data should be necessary in order to take legal action in cases of fraudulent access to our network infrastructure. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties for any other purpose. Unless specifically requested and agreed any collected data will be destroyed within 12 months of the completion of the project to allow for end of project dissemination and follow-up.

5.     Security

The SIMON Project implements technical and organizational security measures to safeguard stored personal data against inadvertent or deliberate manipulation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological progress.

6.     Links to Web sites operated by other providers

Our Web pages may contain links to other providers’ Web pages. We would like to point out that this statement of data protection conditions applies exclusively to the Web site managed by the SIMON Project. We have no way of influencing the practices of other providers with respect to data protection, nor do we carry out any checks to ensure that they conform to the relevant legislation.

7.     How can you verify, modify or delete your information?

You have the legal right to inspect your personal data and the right to correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal data. Should you want to verify which personal data is being stored on your behalf by the responsible controller, and have it modified, corrected or deleted, please send an e- mail to the functional mailbox (see address below under ‘Contact Information’), specifying your request. Attention is drawn to the consequences of a delete request, which means that all your contact details will be lost.

8.     Acceptance, validity and modification of data protection conditions

By filing a form to contact the SIMON Consortium, the applicant will be considered to have given his or her consent to the processing of their data in the context of the SIMON Project. As our Web site evolve, in case that new technologies come into use it may become necessary to amend the statement of data protection conditions. The SIMON Project reserves the right to modify its data protection conditions at any time, with effect as of a future date. We recommend that you re-read the latest version from time to time. This present statement of data protection conditions came into effect on October 2016.

9.     Contact information

If you have any questions relating to this Web site, organisation of the pilot activities, any information processed in the context of the project, or on your rights, please contact the support team operating under the responsibility of the Data Controller in SIMON project, using the following e-mail: info.simonproject.eu@gmail.com


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