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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy defines which data we collect during the usage of the application and how we handle and use the collected data.

Data Collection

To improve the application and our services, we are collecting the following data generated by the application:
  • Route requests that your device is making when you ask for a walking, driving or a transit route including the route results returned in response to the query.
  • Timetable requests that your device is making when you ask for a timetable at a particular stop including the timetable results returned in response to the query.
  • Search requests that your device is making when you are using the search feature to find places as well as the search results returned in the response.
  • Validation and access requests that your device is making when you are using the Simon disabled badge to validate a parking or to get access to a restricted zone including the results returned in the responses.
  • A timestamped sequence of important actions taken inside the application including screens that are opened and menu items that have been selected.
  • Responses to the in-app questions which are used to evaluate the application and the underlying web services developed by the Simon European project.

Data Transfer

We have carefully designed the data collection mechanism to ensure a low network udata usage. During the transfer, your data is protected by a standard HTTPS connection to our servers.

Data Processing

The purpose of our data collection is to enable the improve the application and our services. All data is collected anonymously. We will never (try to) associate the collected data with a particular person or device.

Data Control

The SIMON consortium plenary is the data controller for all the data treatments connected with the location services (position with the purpose of navigation, position with the purpose to contrast forgery, position to set / unset parking). The municipalities are not authorized to access the data related to the position /location associated to user ID / data subjects. The municipalities participating is SIMON pilots are the data controller for the identification of the disabled persons (the data consist of a user code with the purpose to authorize to set / unset parking and/or to access the city gates). The consortium is not authorized to access to the anagraphic data related to the disabled persons.

Region-specific notes

Citizens in the Parma trials in Italy who are entitled to a new disabled parking permit have already been informed by the Parma Municipality about the data processing within the SIMON project at the time of delivery of disabled parking permits.


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