SIMON is a demonstration oriented project, with four large scale pilots in Madrid, Lisbon, Parma and Reading aiming at promoting the independent living and societal participation of mobility impaired people in the context of public parking areas and multiple transport modes, through the adoption of specific navigation information and access-rights management solutions. SIMON proposes a mobile application to support impaired citizens in the use of public and private transport modes. This application not only includes specific information and navigation functionalities, but also make use of e-id mechanisms to propose coordinated tariff policies and reduce fraud. In this same context, SIMON enhances the European parking card for disabled people with contactless technologies and integrates mobile solutions to support user unique identification in existing park meters whilst preserving privacy. SIMON deploys four new service platforms supporting:
  • Access-right management for parking areas: the SIMON SAYS platform.
  • Navigation and mobility assistance: the SIMON ANSWERS platform.
  • Booking of reserved parking spots and information on the status (occupied or free) of the parking spaces: the SIMON BOOKS platform.
  • Access-right management to restricted areas –e.g. pedestrian zones, resident areas controlled by plate recognition systems- to grant access to users with reduced mobility: SIMON OPENS.
These services feed three applications:
  • A mobile application for citizens: SIMON LEADS. This application has been put in the app stores for Android and iOS with the name of SIMON Mobile app
  • A mobile application for parking controllers: SIMON CONTROLS.
  • A BACKOFFICE application that provides the administration and configuration functionality to manage identities and parking cards of mobility impaired users . The web application Authority Operator Tool provides the user interface for the authority operation interaction with SIMON.
The security tokens used by these applications and services are based on two similar but yet different technologies and a third traditional element in parking management:
  • RFID smartcards.
  • NFC smart phones, which can indeed emulate the same behaviour as a contactless smartcard.
  • Park meter, which can be used to interface the above mentioned tokens and complement them.
simon components

simon components



SIMON Mobile on Google Play

Simon Mobile on GooglePlay

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SIMON Mobile on the App Store

Simon Mobile available on the App Store

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