User Group
A SIMON User Group have been established, consisting of key stakeholders of the private and public sector as well as citizens associations. This group will be extended during the life-time of the project. It will follow SIMON developments from nearby to monitor the project’s progress, to provide end-user feedback and to validate the results the project is producing. This Group will ensure that SIMON outcomes will meet the requirements of an even larger and representative group of stakeholders, beyond the stakeholders already involved in the project.


SIMON consortium counts with the following organisations which have already expressed their support to the project:
  •  AGE Platform Europe is a European network of around 165 organisations of and for people aged 50+ representing directly over 30 million older people in Europe. Its work focuses on a wide range of policy areas that impact on older and retired people. These include issues of anti-discrimination, employment of older workers and active ageing, social protection,pension reforms, social inclusion, health, elder abuse, intergenerational solidarity,research, accessibility of public transport and of the build environment, and new technologies (ICT).
  • EPA: The European parking Association is the umbrella organisation of European parking associations. The national member associations represent the parking branch consisting of private companies and public bodies running, operating and managing on- and off-street  parking structures and services as well as the supplying industry that offers all related products and services concerned with parking.
  • POLIS is a network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport. Polis supports the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge between European local and regional authorities. It also facilitates the dialogue between local and regional authorities and other actors of the sector such as industry, research centres and universities, and NGOs.
  • CERMI-Madrid. The Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities of the Region of Madrid (CERMI Comunidad de Madrid), is the Spanish umbrella organisation representing the interests of Madrid disable citizens. At national level more than 3.8 million women and men with disabilities in Spain are represented by our association (6.000 associations, 10% of Spanish population). The mission of CERMI is to guarantee equal opportunities of women and men with disabilities and to protect their human rights, ensuring they are fully included in society.
  • FAMMA. At Madrid level, CERMI includes the Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic disabilities for the Madrid Region (FAMMA-Cocemfe Madrid), a non-governmental non-profit organization that represents more than 45,000 disabled citizens.
  • ANMIC. The Italian National Association of Civil Impaired and Handicapped People–Parma Region is the NGO umbrella for the disabled Italian citizens. ANMIC is also a member of FIMITIC (i.e. the International Federation of Disabled People) and member of CIDUE (i.e. the Italian Council on Disabilities for the relationships with the European Union). In SIMON ANMIC-PARMA will act as end-user representing the interests of the Parma citizens, supporting the specifications of the pilot site and helping in the validation of SIMON approach.
  • UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PARMA. The University of Parma will participate in SIMON as technological expert providing consultancy support to the public authorities and helping in the technical specifications of the city challenges.
  • ACAPO. The association for blind people of Portugal will make the link with the necessary disable association in Lisbon. Moreover, they will form part of the user group evaluating the accessibility of the navigation system for visual disabled end-users.
  • MUNICIPALITY of LISBON. Besides its support through the public parking company as partner of the project, the city of Lisbon will also actively participate at the user group as responsible of the local regulations in the city.
  During course of the project public authorities, elderly and disabled associations and other entities have joined the user group, expressing their interest in the project and their will to participate in the pilot activities.
user goup new incorporatins

user goup new incorporatins


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