Work Plan

Work Plan


The development of the project is structured in 3 years and in 4 big phases:

PHASE 1: Preparation

The preparation phase is focused in the following key aspects:
  • Definition of the global and specific pilot requirements and identification of the use cases, in the context of the needs identified by all stakeholders: citizens, public authorities, transport operators and parking managers.
  • Definition of the architecture principles, information model and interoperability aspects.
  • Preliminary specification of services.

PHASE 2: Small Scale Piloting.

A first step in this phase is a Cross-testing pilot, which will allow testing Madrid technologies (NFC, badges) in the other two pilots, Parma and Lisbon. This pilot is involving a small group of users at each of the pilot cities.

PHASE 3: Large scale demonstration.

The large scale demonstration phase will allow the deployment of SIMON in the four pilot sites: Madrid, Lisbon, Parma and Reading. The results of the small scale piloting will be applied to the final instantiation of the ICT services before their deployment in the demonstrators.

PHASE 4: Deployment phase

Finally, at the end of the project, a roadmap for deployment of the project will be implemented, including transferability, scalability and standardization guidelines. The contribution of the User Group, especially the elderly and disable associations, will be highly relevant. A proposal for a new parking card for mobility impaired people will be delivered to the European Commission.
Four Phases in SIMON Project

Phases in SIMON Project

Work packages

  • WP 1 Project Management
  • WP 2 Pilot Requirements and Use Cases descriptions in the context of EU assisted mobility
  • WP 3 Open Architecture for interoperability of access rights in public transport and parking spaces
  • WP 4 ICT Services and Applications for access-right management and navigation information
  • WP 5 Instantiation and adaptation and of SIMON solution to existing services
  • WP 6 Pilot Execution
  • WP 7 Pilot evaluation and impact assessment
  • WP 8 Roadmap for 2020 deployment
  • WP 9 Dissemination, awareness campaign and Exploitation


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